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Garage Door Rollers are located along both sides of the garage door. Garage door rollers guide the door along the tracks to smoothly open and close the garage. Over time, garage door rollers will experience normal wear and tear. Due to rusty tracks, rollers will lose lubrication and may break due to constant friction from motion. A problem with the garage door rollers will keep your residential and Commercial Garage Door from rising and lowering properly. With enough damage, the garage door rollers could even cause the door to fall and may injure someone underneath. If you are in need of Roller Repair and Replacement, contact Garage Door Repair DFW in Red Oak. Our general Garage Door Repair and maintenance team can be out to give your garage door rollers attention they need to ensure your garage door moves smoothly and quietly. 

Red Oak, Texas Roller Replacement

Warning Signs of Garage Door Roller Replacement

If you find any of following signs on your garage door, it indicates your garage door rollers may need replacement:
  • Unsmooth opening and closing
  • Excessively loud operation
  • Incomplete rising and lowering
Types of Garage Door Rollers
  • Plastic Rollers
  • Metal Rollers
  • Silicon Rollers
  • Nylon Ball Bearing Rollers 

Garage Door Roller Replacement Services at Garage Door Repair DFWGarage Door Plastic Rollers in Red Oak

Garage Door Roller issues can just suddenly appear out of the blue, leaving you in the bewilderment. One day your garage door is working smoothly and the next it could start making hideous squeaking and squealing noises, or maybe having difficulties gliding smoothly along the track. As soon as you suspect there are issues with your garage door roller, contact us immediately to get it to fix on time because delay in repairing will only cause you a more-costly repair in the long run. Hiring a Professional Garage Door Roller Replacement Company is extremely important. Our replacement technicians at Garage Door Repair DFW are some of the most knowledgeable in the field. 

Garage Door Roller Repair Services at Garage Door Repair DFW

Gate Roller in Red Oak
Garage Doors use different mechanisms to open and close and require different care, maintenance, and repair. Garage door Rollers play an important role in operating your garage door effectively. Faulty rollers will keep your garage door from rising and lowering properly. If you suspect any disorder in your garage door, call us and we will send our garage door inspection team to examine the problem with your garage door rollers. If we identify a problem with your garage door rollers, we will get your garage door roller repair on the same visit. Whether you need to have your garage door rollers lubricated or have a bent section in your Garage Door Track we have the skills, tools, and know-how to fix your issue right there on the spot. 

Why Do You Trust Garage Door Repair DFW for Garage Door Replacement and Repairing in Red Oak?

Our technicians at Garage Door Repair DFW are all licensed, insured, and bonded. When it comes to repairing and replacement of garage door roller, we only use quality, certified materials, and parts to ensure the maximum longevity of your garage door. The expert technicians at Garage Door Repair DFW are trained to provide the most complete and efficient service. With one phone call to our customer support team, you can call in for Emergency Service of Garage Doors, door rollers repairing and replacement services throughout Red Oak TX. We have a skillful team of a garage door roller repair and replacement technicians standing by ready to come right out to your location in Red Oak and get right to work.


How much does it cost to replace garage door rollers?

If you require to repair your garage door rollers, prepare for investing $145 generally, with several house owners paying in between $100 as well as also $200 for both components as well as likewise specialist labor.

Are nylon garage door rollers better than steel?

Nylon roller is typically quieter than steel rollers. There are a variety of elements that include why your garage door is loud, and also it is confirmed that nylon rollers are a better option than steel rollers. Nylon roller is a whole lot a lot more immune to harm from corrosion as a result of moisture.

How many rollers does a garage door have?

Probably 10. Which is the number of rollers offered in a regular bundle when you acquire new garage door rollers? A great deal of house garage doors are 7 feet high and also they require 10 rollers to operate your door. If you have an 8ft high garage door, you will certainly greater than likely need 12 rollers.

How often replace garage door rollers?

Rollers ought to be evaluated at the very least once each year and also encouraged lubrication concerning every 3-4 months or 2 times a year at minimum. Maintaining the rollers properly oiled will certainly lengthen the life of the roller.

How long should garage door rollers last?

Honestly, steel rollers last much longer, however, they are likewise much noisier. Premium nylon garage door rollers will last anywhere from 12-20 years.