Garage Door Cable is the power piece of the system of garage door; it helps in opening and closing your garage door. Without it, your garage door will fail to open. If you have an Overhead Garage Door that fails to open, the cable is the faulty part that hinders garage door to open. Garage doors have different types of cables depending on the type of spring system installed in the set. These cables are of utmost importance for a properly functioning and safe garage door. Constant usage and time take a toll on these cables can affect the functionality of the garage door. Garage Door Repair DFW has a team of professionals who can Install New Garage Door Cables and repair the damaged cable as well. We are available nights and weekends, with same day service throughout Lakeside TX.
Lakeside, Texas Cable Repair And Installation

Causes of Garage Door Cable Failure

Common factors that damage garage door cables are: 
  • Age
  • Usage
  • Rust
  • Stress
  • Misalignment 

Types of Garage Door Cables

  • Torsion
  • Extension
  • Safety

Garage Door Cable Repair at Garage Door Repair DFWGarage Door Cable Repair in Lakeside

Garage door cables run from the bottom bracket on the garage door to the top of the door spooled onto a Cable Drum.  The cables work in conjunction with your torsion springs and prevent them from recoiling. Garage Door Cables are made of metal and are extremely strong. A Broken Garage Door Cable is dangerous and calls for garage door cable repair. They also lose their strength to rust which slowly corrodes and weakens them over time and the cable starts to fray. No matter the reason behind the damage, a broken cable can be a big problem in garage door operations and needs to be fixed immediately by a garage door professional. Call us today at Garage Door Repair DFW and we will send one of our trained professionals out to assess the damage of your garage door cable and find a solution to your problem. We offer same-day and 24-hour Emergency Repair Services throughout Lakeside. 

Garage Door Cable Installation at Garage Door Repair DFW

Your garage door cables are an important component that helps your door to operate smoothly. We Install New Garage Door Cables in Lakeside. Our technicians at Garage Door Repair DFW are industry experts in replacing broken garage door cables quickly, safely, and responsibly. Garage doors are very heavy and can be difficult or impossible to operate when the cables are broken. So don’t panic if your garage door cables are broken, call our professionals at Garage Door Repair DFW for installation of new garage door cable. With our unmatched warranties, local connection, and expert technicians, you know the job will be done correctly, the first time. We recommend you to call a Professional Garage Door Cable Installation Service instead of undertaking the task by yourself.

Why Do You Trust Garage Door Repair DFW for Garage Door Cable Repair and Installation in Lakeside?

We at Garage Door Repair DFW offer the best services for overhead garage doors, Commercial Garage Doors, and any type of garage door repair. Our garage door experts guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. We respond to all calls immediately and fix your garage door cable problem at the earliest possible. We are available to you anytime you call our garage door repair service experts. Our specialty is providing full-service personal attention to all your garage door needs. The goal of our company, Garage Door Repair DFW, is your 100% satisfaction. Our garage door cable installation service not only functions the way it should but lasts as long as possible. 


How much does garage door cable repair cost?

The common national cost for a garage door repair work solution expert is $80 - $110 per hour, as well as likewise the typical cost to change a busted garage door wire, is anywhere from $130 to $200.
How long do garage door cables last?
The spring will normally last anywhere from 10,000 to 20,000 cycles.
Why does the cable on my garage door keep coming off?
A badly tensioned spring causes problems with the wires. Spring can have method excessive or inadequate stress and anxiety. A spring that's also solid will absolutely activate cables to jump off the drum. One that's also weak can cause the wires to pause.
How much does it cost to replace a cable on a garage door?
The cable itself isn't incredibly expensive, but the setup can take a while. Employing a professional to transform a harmed garage door cable can set you back anywhere from $150 to $200.
How much does it cost to fix a broken cable on a garage door?

The costs range between $100 and $300 depending on the kind of spring, dimension, weight, and additionally the material of your garage door. When there are harmed chains or cable that cause your garage door to jump or go down swiftly, the repair expense can be between $150 and also $200.