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COMMON ISSUES WITH COMMERCIAL DOORS in JoshuaCommercial Garage Doors, like the ones on your home, are an essential part of keeping your facility secure and allowing you and your employees to have the access you need to essential areas of your business. When they are not working properly it can cause problems in both of these areas, and sometimes it’s not immediately clear what the problem might be.

Fortunately, a garage door repair company in DFW has pretty much-seen everything, so a quick phone call at 817-779-4455  for service will get us to your business to find out if you have one of these common issues:


Problems with the Power:

Unless you have a manually operated Garage Door (which is pretty unusual at a commercial facility), it requires an appropriate power supply to work. If your garage door is not raising or lowering at all, it could be an issue with the power supply. For most Commercial Garage Doors this will require the help of a professional repair company to inspect, as you could be putting yourself at risk if you try to do it yourself.

Misaligned Safety Sensor in Joshua

Misaligned Safety Sensor:

Garage doors today are equipped with Garage Doors Sensors on either side that will not close if they cannot communicate with each other. It’s a safety feature that’s purpose is to prevent the door from closing on someone or something that could get damaged, but it also means that if one of your photo-eyes is bumped or damaged, the door won’t close because your garage assumes the path is obstructed and it’s unsafe to do so.

Damage to the Track:

Commercial Garage Doors run on a metal track, and when it gets damaged or out of alignment, that can lead to problems with the garage door opening or closing. The easiest things to look for are gaps between the rail and the rollers that pull the garage along the track, or actual damage (bending) in the metal. A heavy Garage Door Rolling Up and down the tracks multiple times a day, or even just daily, can make small damages grow over time so be sure to get it fixed if you notice a problem.

Door Off Track:

Door Off Track in JoshuaHaving your warehouse door run off the track is an annoying problem and huge safety concern that can cause significant disruption and chaos to your business. A hanging Garage Door is a danger to anyone near it and can cause serious injury, death, and property damage. Without a functioning warehouse door, your company may not be secure, left subject to weather and the environment, and put at risk of damage. If your warehouse door has gone off the track the most important thing to do is quickly assess the cause of the situation, and then call us to get the door back on track as soon as possible. We understand these accidents happen at inconvenient times, which is why we offer Emergency Commercial Garage Door Repair Services.

Doors that Won’t Open:

Garage Doors Won't Open in JoshuaHeavy Commercial Garage Doors with damaged springs might not go up at all when you hit the button. These torsion springs on the side of the garage door are what do the heavy lifting to get the door open, so if any part of the spring is broken it won’t have the needed tension to get the door up. These require the help of a professional Garage Door Repair Company since it is an extremely dangerous job to fix them. Torsion Spring Repair and replacement are fairly common in the world of commercial garage door repair. Doors that use a torsion spring system require a reliable torsion spring in order for the door to open effectively.


Garage Door Damaged Roller in Joshua

Worn or damaged rollers:

Garage Door Rollers gradually wear down due to everyday wear and tear, and dirt and debris can interfere with their proper functioning as well. Whatever the issue, a garage door repair specialist can replace worn or Damaged Rollers to get your commercial door working again.


Worn or broken cables:

Garage Broken Cables in JoshuaGarage door systems on a variety of cables in order to work effectively. Torsion spring cables, for example, attach to Cable Drums at the ends of your door’s torsion spring, as well as to brackets at the bottom of your door. Whatever cables your garage door uses, they will need regular replacement—just as the tension springs do.




Noisy Door:

Noisy Garage Door in JoshuaNoisy doors are more common than you might think. There could be multiple reasons why your door is loud. This issue though can most likely be fixed with a manufacturer’s recommended lubricant. The parts of the Garage Door, including Springs, Hinges, and Rollers, should be lubricated regularly to keep the parts running smoothly for years. If this isn’t the issue, contact us as you may need a replacement part of your garage door system.






How wide is a commercial garage door?

The standard measurement of a commercial garage door usually has a size of 32 feet x 2 inches along with an elevation of 24 feet x 1 inch, but this depends upon what is getting in the garage.

How much does it cost to install a commercial garage door?

Attempting to approximate a cost for budget functions is tough because there are several elements that will influence the installation.

Such as:

the kind of door to meet your organization requirements, the type of lift system as well as clearance,

the elements and accessories for your task like whether the manual procedure or electrical door opener and so on. Picking a door system that is strong sufficient for the job you have intended is important. By doing this you can avoid unanticipated repair work and untimely downtime at your business.

How much does a commercial door cost?

Generally, a commercial steel door setup establishes you back concerning $8,000. Industrial steel door installation expenditures varied from $1,500 to $15,000 or higher for the United States in 2019.

What is the standard commercial door size?

Instead, business doors are supplied in various sizes and shapes. The largest point is that they satisfy these IBC codes, as well as likewise, as a result, standard business door measurements get on regular worrying 36 inches by 80 inches.

What is a commercial door?

Organization doors, as the name indicates, are doors that are specially created for commercial objectives. They are generally utilized in universities, office buildings, stores, medical facilities, making industries, as well as also different other industrial buildings.


All of these questions ought to be answered to determine your actual requirements. A garage door is a significant financial investment, please feel free to arrange a quote to review various choices as well as rates readily available to match your organization.