​Garage Door Chain Repair and Replacement in Hudson Oaks by Garage Door Repair DFW

Garage Door Openers can be chain driven, belt driven and even screw driven. The chain-driven Garage Door Opener is very strong and seldom does the chain itself actually break. The chain wraps around the sprocket as well as the gear and sprocket at the motor. The most common cause for the chain breaking is too much tension at installation, unbalanced garage door, and rust. Individual usage may shorten or lengthen the lifespan of your garage door chain. Environmental factors also impact your garage door chain. We provide garage door chain repairs at Garage Door Repair DFW that are reliable, affordable, and quickly delivered throughout Hudson Oaks. 
Hudson Oaks, Texas Garage Door Chain Repair

Causes of Garage Door Chain Breaking

Garage door chain may break due to some of the following reasons:
  • Rust
  • Tension
  • Solvent Vapors
  • Age 
  • Road Salt
  • Unbalanced Garage Door
  • Broken Gear and Sprocket

Garage Door Chain Repair at Garage Door Repair DFWGarage Door Chain Repair in Hudson Oaks

A Garage Door Opener Chain is one of the most reliable types of garage door openers invented. The most common cause of a chain being loose, and appears to be broken, is a broken gear and sprocket. The gear and sprocket assembly are inside the cover of the garage door opener motor. This can be easily replaced by a Garage Door Repair technician. Whatever the cause of the broken garage door chain is, you need a professional to get it repaired immediately to avoid any other mishap and get your garage door back in functioning order. Give Garage Door Repair DFW a call to repair and replace your garage door chain even in short notice. We provide Garage Door Chain Repair and Replacement services throughout Hudson Oaks at the most affordable and convenient prices. The reliability and affordability of our garage door repair services keep you as a customer for your garage door needs even in the future as well.

Why Do You Trust Garage Door Repair DFW for Garage Door Chain Repair in Hudson Oaks?

Garage Door Chain in Hudson OaksWe are garage door specialists. We have years of experience which allow us to claim the most trustworthy and reliable in the garage door repairing industry throughout Hudson Oaks. We provide 24 hours Emergency Garage Door Service. We are always stocked with an inventory of parts and equipped with tools of the garage door so that we may get the job of repairing done on the same day in most cases. Our specialized technicians at Garage Door Repair DFW are trained in garage door needs, and most importantly customer service. We offer an affordable, reliable fix to all your garage door issues. If you find a strange noise while opening and closing your garage door, it is a possible indication of a malfunctioning garage door chain. Call our professional and experienced garage door chain repair specialists to troubleshoot the errors and offer repair options on-site. 


How do you tighten a chain on a garage door?

Loosen the outer nut (the nut closest to the garage door) till the chain drops below the base of the rail, then loosen up the internal nut to enable area for the chain to be tightened up. To add stress to the chain, tighten up the outer nut. With every turn of the external nut, the chain will certainly increase slightly.

Which is a better chain or belt garage door opener?

Belt drive garage door openers have a tendency to be just slightly extra expensive than chain drive openers. Most garage door openers often tend to lift a garage door at a rate of 7 to 8 inches per second. The belt drive as a result of its smooth procedure does it a little faster if that matters to you.

How tight should Garage Door belt be?

To achieve proper belt tension, you must launch the door from the garage door opener prior to making any type of adjustments. If the belt is either too loosened or as well tight, gear sound may result. Visually check the belt to see is it is effectively adjusted. The spring must be approximately 1-1/4 inches in length.

How do you tension a chain?

To readjust chain stress, loosen the screws that attach the motor base to installing angles on both sides. Tighten up take-up bolts till desired chain stress is gotten to. Do not over-tighten. A good rule of thumb is 1/4" deflection in the chain between the sprockets.

How tight should a chain be?

It must be limited enough that it only allows you to move it up and down about one inch. If it is drooping or much looser than that, you require tightening up that chain up.