Welcome to DFW's Garage Doors Repair in Godley, TX. We are here to address the great city of Godley with quality garage door repair and garage door installation services. At DFW Garage Door Repair we rely on state-of-the-art equipment and provide each customer of Godley with cost-effective, prompt, and efficient garage door service unmatched by our competitors. We've earned a reputation for the best quality service in all cities of Dallas Fort Worth, and our prices and professional service can't be beaten. If you are living in Godley, TXand you want the new modern look of your garage or if you need commercial overhead garage doors installed, we can assist.

Godley, Texas Garage Door Repair

We repair all types of residential and commercial garage doors and applications such as rollup garage doors, sectional doors, gate opener repair, broken spring repair, broken cables, garage doors that are stuck, and automatic garage door openers repairs to name a new.  Unlike other companies, we at DFW Garage Door Repair come with full warranty and satisfaction. At DFW Garage Doors & Gates Repair we value customers when they need us, our Godley garage doors repair teams and DFW commercial and gate repair technicians are available 24/7 for 24-hour emergency service. All DFW Garage Doors & Gates repair teams are local and know the streets and neighborhoods within Godley, and will reach you at all times to complete the garage door emergency repair, commercial or gate emergency repair in Godley. We work with trusted manufacturers to bring you top quality replacement parts for garage doors, automatic gates, and garage door openers to your house or business at great prices. We choose garage doors, roll-up doors, and gate operating systems products from well-known top of the industry companies that are American made heavy-duty garage door parts. We guarantee our products and services with a complete warranty on the services we provide. DFW Garage Doors & Gates Repair's goals are to continue maintaining our company's reputation and long-lasting relationship with our customers by providing reliable and honest garage door repair and gate repair services to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Selecting the correct Garage Door Repair expert in Godley, TX can be troublesome and it is importantly a great deal who you call to your home or business property to assess your garage door or gate issue. All our technicians have passed an extensive background check bringing you peace of mind. We are insured and bonded as well. Which is the reason you can trust our company? With our 100% consumer loyalty, we can ensure that your residential garage door fix or commercial repair will be as fulfilling as you would trust it to be while following all industry-standard guidelines and codes.

Automatic Garage Door Repair in Godley, TX

Automatic garage doors are no longer just a luxury, they are a necessity that offers safety and convenience to Godley homeowners and businesses alike. Though many were skeptical when these devices were first introduced to the market many years ago, today they have become increasingly popular, convenient, and affordable.

automatic garage door repair in GodleyWe don't attempt to charge you an exorbitant price for help that is so significant and important. We only recommend what you truly need by performing a complete inspection of your garage door system and discussing our findings with you. No work is started until all available options we are able to produce within your budget and needs are discussed in detail with you before work begins. We are very transparent with our services and pricing to give you top-notch service from a trusted, reliable, local garage door company. Here at DFW Garage Door Repair and Installation Service Godley, we ensure your Garage Door is working effectively and smoothly to provide max convenience, safety, and security. You don't just get what you pay for, you get more. We go a step further and beyond to fully take care of our customers by offering coupons and additional discounts are available for Military, Teachers, Veterans, Seniors, First Responders, and Frontline Medical Personnel to provide affordable garage door repair.


We are proud of Providing Quality Garage Repair Services at Affordable Prices in Godley, TX!

Godley, TX Garage Door Repair Service

DFW Garage Door Repair Services A broken garage door can cause an unexpected inconvenience to your daily routine or schedule. It can be caused by natural wear and tear accumulated over time. This natural wear and tear cause a malfunction in your garage door systems. When your door unexpectedly quits on you, call us at 682-785-6096 and one of our DFW Garage Door Repair and Installation technicians can and will help you repair or replace your garage door quickly and professionally.


New Garage Door Installations in Godley, TXnew garage door installations in Godley

DFW Garage Door Installation Services You’re getting ready to leave for work like you normally do, but your garage door is broken beyond repair. You can’t get out. Natural wear and tear from the elements and continued use have caused your garage door to completely malfunction where a repair will not be enough. What do you do? You call us at 682-785-6096 and we will assist your garage door problem with utmost priority. Our DFW professionals will assess the issue and replace your garage door if needed, sometimes same-day installations can be possible. At Garage Door Repair DFW you are guaranteed to get the professional efficient service that you need and importantly deserve.


Garage Door Accessories Service in Godley

DFW Garage Door Repair Services Your garage door accessories are designed to make the operation and control of your garage door or gate smooth, convenient, and safe. We offer all garage door accessories, from the automatic garage door opener remote, keyless entry, to a backup battery for your automatic garage door opener and gate operating devices on major makes and models. Let our expert technicians seamlessly install your next accessory or hardware upgrade!


Note: Garage Door Repair DFW does not sell garage door accessories or parts individually and separately over the counter without using us as your local Godley garage door service provider. This is for insurance reasons, liability, and regulations.


Godley, TX Garage Door Spring Repair Service

DFW Garage Door Spring Repair Services customers throughout Dallas Fort Worth with a large selection of garage door spring repair services. The garage door springs, although undervalued, is a very important part of a well-built garage door system. They make the door easier to open and close smoothly by counterbalancing the weight of the door. Replacing these broken garage door springs can be hard for someone who isn’t familiar with the mechanism and the tension balances.

So if you’re in Godley, TX, and searching for "Garage Door Repair Companies Near Me" Look no further than DFW Garage Door Repair and Gates Repair.

Our Company is:
* Insured and Bonded
* Better Business Accredited 
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* Emergency 24 Hour Garage Door Repair Available  


Some of our Garage Door Repair and Services include but not limited to:


How much should it cost to repair a garage door in Godley​?
Generally, garage door opener repair service costs $150 with a lot of homeowners paying in between $100 and $190 plus components. The minimum expense reported to fix a busted garage door is $85 due to the specialist's minimum charge.

Does homeowners insurance cover garage door repairs in Godley?
In many home insurance plans, garage doors are components of the insurance coverage. ... In cases of burglary and damages, fire, or criminal damage, your property owner insurance policy ought to be able to cover it. Note however that willful damage to your garage door is sometimes not covered, including particular natural disasters.

Is it dangerous to replace garage door spring in Godley?
A garage door with a busted torsion springtime can fall quickly and trigger injury or fatality. However, the most typical danger comes when your torsion springs break and you choose to embark on the repair/replace them yourself. Failure to do so may leave you with injuries and/or damage to your property.

How much does it cost to replace a cable on a garage door in Godley?
The cord itself isn't really pricey, however, the installation can take some time. Working with a specialist to change a broken garage door cable can cost anywhere from $150 to $200.