Garage Door Safety Sensor Repair, Replacement, and Installation in Arlington, TX​

Safety Sensors for your garage doors are extremely helpful and prevent harm to your property, children, and pets. The safety beam sensors are located at the bottom of your garage door. These sensors are very sensitive and if there is anything blocking the safety beam, such as a blade of grass or cobweb, it will cause the door not to go down. If your garage door begins to close but then retracts up again, something may be blocking the sensors or interrupting the beam from completing the circuit. In this situation, you just need to call our professionals at Garage Door Repair DFW to get your Safety Sensor Repair. We have trained and experienced technicians for Residential and Commercial Garage Doors repair who can get the job done effectively and quickly.
Arlington, Texas Garage Door Safety Sensor

Some Common Issues with Safety Sensor of Garage Door

We offer repairing and adjustment services for the following troubles:
  • Mis-aligned Sensors
  • Obstacles in the Sensors Path
  • Damage to the Photo Eye
  • Electrical Problems
  • Connection Issues

Repairing of Garage Door Safety Sensor at Garage Door Repair DFW

Garage Door Safety Sensor in Arlington

Whatever the cause or trouble is of the safety sensors for your garage door, the team Garage Door Repair DFW has the Garage Door Repair experts to get it fixed from the roots and restore it back to functionality. Garage door safety sensors are the sensitive part of your garage door opener and maintain the safety of your belongings, home, and your family. Garage door sensors detect any blockage in the way of the garage door. If these detectors are malfunctioning, they will not make the door stop even if something is in the way. Sometimes electrical problems become a hindrance to let the garage door sensors work properly. Whatever the cause of malfunctioning safety sensors of your garage door is, team Garage Door Repair DFW has the solution for all of your Emergency Garage Door Repair needs in Arlington. We have trained and experienced technicians to address your safety sensor needs throughout Arlington.

Why Do You Rely Garage Door Repair DFW on for Garage Door Safety Sensor Adjustment in Arlington?

Garage Door Safety Sensor Adjustment in ArlingtonThrough the adjustments of your garage door safety sensors, we maintain the safety and security of your lovable and costly belongings in Arlington. Our professionals are always ready to address your garage door needs. We are competent and reliable and proudly provide repairing services throughout Arlington, TX at most affordable and challenging prices. If you are looking for a professional Local Garage Door Company for the adjustment of your garage door safety sensors in Arlington, contact us at 682-785-6096 and we will head towards your residence or office to get the issues fixed. We serve both residential and commercial clients in Arlington. We are available 24/7 to serve you for your garage door repairing needs in Arlington TX.


Do garage door sensors go bad?

If the door rises yet decreases simply when you hold back the wall surface button, check to see that the safety picking up units remain ready. The little light on each sensing unit needs to be brightened when absolutely nothing is between them Door sensors do spoil, so if no light is receiving anyway, you could need to change them.

How do you test a garage door sensor?

  • Location bundle in the garage doorway, making sure plan stays before the garage door noticing systems.
  • Look into both the garage door sensing units.
  • Open the garage door as well as remove the smashed box.
  • Clean the lenses with a soft towel.
  • Test the door with an additional cardboard box.

How do garage door safety sensors work?

 These garage door sensors operate when electricity is changed into an infrared beam of light. This light is produced from one side of your garage door from a sending gadget that relaxes 4 inches up from the floor covering. It sends out the beam of light to a getting system past the garage door.

How much does it cost to replace garage door sensors?

If you require to fix your garage door cords, anticipate investing $145 generally, with a lot of house owners paying between $85 as well as $200 for both parts and professional labor.

How long do garage door sensors last?

Quotes on sturdiness are based around usage, yet most specialists think the average garage door should last in between 15-- thirty years, depending upon building and building high quality, maintenance as well as additional regional environmental problems. Automatic garage door openers normally provide 10-- 15 years of relying on the option.