Garage Door Torsion Springs

The garage door spring – not the opener – is what allows a garage door to be lifted with ease. Garage Door Springs counterbalance the weight of the garage door, allowing the Garage Door Opener to easily glide the garage door open and shut. If you were to lift your garage door by hand, it should feel like it weighs only a few pounds.

If the garage door won’t stay where you release it or seems to weigh more than 5 pounds, then your garage spring is showing signs of age and maybe about to break. The heavier your door feels, the more likely it is that your garage door spring is deteriorating. 

Garage Door Springs are under the most tension when the door is closed.

Allen, Texas Garage Door Springs

Why Does a Garage Door Spring Break?


Garage Door Springs Wear Tear in AllenThe most common reason for a garage door spring to break is simply wearing and tear over time. As the Garage Door cycles up and down, the coils lose their strength and cause the spring to break. Most two-car garages are opened and closed 6 to 8 times each day for approximately 3,000 times a year! Quality Garage Door Springs with professional installation can support 10,000 cycles before they become ineffective and require replacement. Each cycle is the garage door opening or the garage door closing. It’s quite common to run through the utility of spring in just a few years.




Garage Door Rust Build in AllenRust is another common cause of spring fatigue. Stored chemicals and outside moisture can lead to this type of spring deterioration. Rust shortens a spring’s lifespan by corroding the metal and increasing the friction between the coils when winding. Help prevent rust with regular preventative maintenance and lubrication.


All springs eventually break. There’s no way out of it. But our Garage Doors Safety checks and maintenance will prolong the life of your Garage Door Springs and let you know when they are primed to break. Don’t wait for the garage door springs to break at an inconvenient or dangerous moment; call us today to set up an annual safety inspection and maintenance check.


It is recommended for all 2-car garage doors to have two springs. But when builders try to save money on the costs of installing a Garage Door, the garage door spring is usually the first expense cut. Corner-cutting contractors will install an extra-long 1-spring system instead which significantly shortens the life of the spring. The same can be said when you only replace one of your two Garage Door Springs. If one garage door spring breaks, the other is not far behind. Replacing both springs at the time of repair will save you from doubling up on labor costs when the second springs break a little while later.


Garage Door Springs Replacement in Allen

Replacing Garage Door Springs is extremely dangerous due to the stored energy in a wound torsion spring or in an extended extension spring. Many Garage Door Repairs require dismantling garage door parts that are part of the spring system.

The tension in a garage door spring is powerful enough to throw you off of a ladder, break the window on your car, and land you in the Emergency Room. Many accidents, injuries, and deaths occur each year to amateur, home-repairers who don’t have the proper tools or knowledge to safely disengage springs from the surrounding system. 

The standard (10,000 cycles) Garage Door Springs on regularly used residential garage doors usually fail anywhere between four-eight years. Save money by selecting a warranty for your garage door. We offer multiple warranty lengths to match your needs.

Depending on which type of garage door you have, Garage Door Repair DFW experienced technicians will install either torsion garage door springs or extension garage door springs. 

Garage Door Springs are under high tension and only qualified-trained professionals should adjust or replace garage door springs.

Garage Door Spring Repair:

Garage Door Spring Repair in AllenEvery homeowner can relate to how life's inconveniences are thrown at you at the worst possible times. The last thing you want to happen is to have your vehicle stuck in the garage when you need it most. We lead by example and follow the industry's best practices in order to make the best recommendation to homeowners each time we Inspect Your Garage Door

We recommend replacing both Garage Door Springs most garage doors have two springs installed at the same time when one